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Lighting for Seniors

Let us light up your life! After all, a home with great lighting can make quite a difference in how well you see. Studies show that the average home would benefit from three times the amount of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Fortunately, we have many ways to provide you with better lighting, strategically placed throughout your home to maximize your safety.

Higher levels of light make it easier to navigate, read, and perform tasks such as cooking and even walking. Because older eyes adjust more slowly to changes in the level of light, it helps to reduce glare and keep the ambient lighting uniform from one room to the next. To help your eyes and depth perception register the height of seats, tables, or countertops, we design using a high contrast of colors.

Technological advances in lighting make it safer to navigate throughout your home. We recommend illuminating steps, hallways, and paths from bedroom to bathroom and kitchen. Our customers greatly appreciate the convenience and safety of having lights come on automatically when entering a room. We also assess your lighting needs throughout your property, taking entryways, paths, driveways, patios, and yards in consideration.

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